Message from the Pedagogical Board

“Human development aims at the complete fulfillment of mankind, in all its richness and in the complexity of its expressions and its commitments: an individual, a member of a family and of a collectivity, a citizen and a producer, an inventor of techniques and a creator of dreams.”

(Lídia Grave-Resendes)

It´s September. Rituals perpetuate themselves in time conferring stability and coherence to this school of life. Quietness gives way to hot musical homegoming notes. The white walls fill with colors, dashes, marks, happy images of moments that last. The arms and laps that welcome our/your children start the sweet movement of cradling fears and serenading ghosts.

Everything in APIA celebrates the knots of affection and the joy of the encounter.
Now, as always, we are ready to receive these special beings who believe in fairies and dragons and who discover the scientific secrets of the rainbow. Who decode the language of affections and understand silences. Who go beyond the shadows and embrace what we have of ethereal and light.

It´s September. Rituals are perpetuated.
In APIA we already “dressed our hearts” and we are ready to “create bonds”.
We are waiting for you...

The Pedagogical Director
Anabela Valente

  • In case of emergency, we know what to do.

    Paediatric first aid, a training course that reminded us how to act in case of emergency.

  • APIA, a home for kids and adults

    “Quatro paredes caiadas, Um cheirinho a alecrim, Um cacho de uvas doiradas, Duas rosas num jardim, Um São José de Azulejo Mais o sol da Primavera, Uma promessa de beijos Dois braços à minha espera É uma casa portuguesa, com certeza! É com certeza, uma casa portuguesa!”.. »

  • Training at APIA

    The place of the book for childhood as a stimulus of development and learning in kindergaten.


APIA has educational responses to nursery and preschool groups and has about 130 children. APIA has agreements with Social Security and with the Ministry of Education.