English for all, in a playful way and adapted to each child, promoting a facilitated acquisition of the language.

In order to motivate children to communicate in a second language, a specific program is developed, adapted to the needs of each child according to their age group, covering all the basic vocabulary.
Based on songs, simulation of day-to-day situations, games and other activities of a playful nature this activity leads to an easy and pleasant learning of the English language.

Annette Costa

Thursday | for all groups from 16h30 to 17h15.

Monthly payment | 15€

English is an extracurricular activity intended to preschool children.

  • In case of emergency, we know what to do.

    Paediatric first aid, a training course that reminded us how to act in case of emergency.

  • APIA, a home for kids and adults

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  • Training at APIA

    The place of the book for childhood as a stimulus of development and learning in kindergaten.


APIA has educational responses to nursery and preschool groups and has about 130 children. APIA has agreements with Social Security and with the Ministry of Education.